black holes and gray matter. in one thousand tangos.


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  2. purecaco said: what a hip way to die
  3. superfluidity said: Deepest condolences on your loss!
  4. timeislaundry said: looks more like ramen to me :P
  5. mselectricity said: Damn!
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  7. langer said: :( :( :(
  8. harpyphoto said: Whatever you do, don’t turn it on. Leave it in a bowl of uncooked white rice for a few days. It might be salvageable.
  9. kwanyin said: that looks delicious! sorry about your iphone, its my fear! :X
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    That’ll do it……
  11. cdean said: Unfortunate but hilarious.
  12. rottennebula said: i’m sorry your phone was so selfish, but this caption really made me lol, thank you!
  13. summer-ize said: did you get it out immediately??? if so, drop it in a sealed bag of rice. i dropped my iphone in the ocean, and i was able to get it to work again! worth a try. too funny.
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    Sorry for your loss, and that better have been some damn good Udon. :)
  15. nonlocalrelation said: Oh no :(
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