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The new "Let them eat cake!"

10 shocking, illuminating moments that prove just how out of touch the powerful really are.

Number 2: The Palaces That Taxpayers Built

In Louisville, Ky., as the city struggles with high unemployment, Goldman Sachs engineered a scheme to construct a huge new sports arena that is now siphoning millions of dollars of public money into the investment bank’s coffers. In Jefferson County, Ala., Goldman orchestrated the construction of what’s been called “the Taj Mahal of sewer-treatment plants” — a massive boondoggle that has bankrupted the county and, once again, made Goldman huge money. And in New York, where public budgets are being gutted, Goldman just opened a monstrous $2 billion headquarters, financed by what Bloomberg News calls “unprecedented” aid from taxpayers. []

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    Hey, we just gotta “suck it up and cope”!
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    And yet the people accept it. We deserve what we get when we don’t speak truth to power in the name of “getting by.”
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    So glad to be a Louisvillian. Plus This reminds me of an old Rolling Stone article that basically blamed Goldman Sachs...
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    We Louisvillians sort of already knew the sports arena was a waste. I didn’t really know about the siphoning thing,...
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    Number 4: For Me, but Not for Thee One of the hallmarks of Let Them Eat Cake-ism is an absolute lack of self-awareness...
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