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35,000 walrus gather on the shoreline near Point Lay, Alaska. 

"The plight of thousands of walruses forced to crowd on to an Alaska beach because of disappearing sea ice has set off an all-out response from the US government to avoid a catastrophic stampede. The FAA has re-routed flights, and local communities have called on bush pilots to keep their distance in an effort to avoid setting off a panic that could see scores of walruses trampled to death."

"The extraordinary sighting – the biggest known exodus of walruses to dry land ever observed in the Arctic under US control – arrived as the summer sea ice fell to its sixth lowest in the satellite record last month.

“Those animals have essentially run out of offshore sea ice, and have no other choice but to come ashore,” said Chadwick Jay, a research ecologist in Alaska with the US Geological Survey.”

US reroutes flights to avoid walrus stampede

"Earth has lost a lot of animals over the past four decades. A major new study by the World Wildlife Fund estimates that the overall number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish has declined 52 percent between 1970 and 2010.

The main culprits? Humans, who have been wiping out other animals through hunting, fishing, deforestation, pollution, and various forms of habitat destruction.”

We’ve wiped out half the world’s wildlife since 1970

Visitors, including children, were invited to watch while the giraffe was dissected and fed to the lions.

"A bid to save a young giraffe from destruction at Copenhagen Zoo has failed, and the giraffe was put down on Sunday morning. Thousands of people had signed an online petition appealing for a change of heart over the two-year-old called Marius."

"Several institutions had offered to house Marius before the giraffe was destroyed."

Surplus giraffe put down at Copenhagen Zoo | BBC

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