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NYC’s “first drinking fountains were installed after the Croton Aqueduct began bringing down fresh water from north of the city in the 1840s.

Touring the fountains, you can sip a bit of New York history.

The 1888 Temperance Fountain in Tompkins Square Park was a gift from a doctor who hoped it would encourage residents to drink less alcohol. 

fountain in Union Square from 1881 features a woman with a baby and a child to remind New Yorkers of the virtues of charity. And the 1992 Friedel Memorial Drinking Fountain in Central Park features the likeness of a beloved dog.”

“New York City tap water is healthy, affordable and safe. We perform more than half a million tests a year to confirm that.”

Plumbers are fine-tuning more than 3,100 fountains in NYC this month - by May, they’ll all be spouting.

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