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The Stunning Truth About Inequality In America

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“You want lessons? Don’t sprawl. That Ponzi scheme will catch up with you. Nurture real universities, constant reinvention and civic decency and opportunity that includes all citizens. Don’t assume the “creative destruction” of the supposedly unfettered free market won’t destroy your community, too. Or end up at the gates of your gated property (not for nothing do we have a zombie craze). Invest in your city. Beware of scare tactics by the right and some quarters of the media about the gazillions facing us in “unfunded liabilities.” There is a gap between public pension promises and assets, but who the hell’s fault is that? We’re the richest country in the world. Wall Street is gambling with $600 trillion in nominal derivatives. And the retired garbageman is to blame?”
©2011 Kateoplis