black holes and gray matter. in one thousand tangos.

“I’ll tell you something really terrible: every relationship I’ve ever had with a woman, at some point very early on, I’d bring them to Yasuda in New York, and I would watch how they would eat. If they talked too much, didn’t understand how to eat sushi, if they did not eat the uni - we will never have a relationship. That’s it. It’s the end.”
Bourdain in Japan, confiding to his mentor, Naomichi Yasuda

Iwase Yoshiyuki's photo-essay of Ama Divers - girls and women who harvested seaweed, oysters, and abalone in coastal Japan.

"Ama divers went out three times a day, requiring extensive eating and warming at the fireside between runs. A good harvest required long, cold dives, up to four minutes of hard underwater work on a single lungful of air. As such, ama divers were paid enormous salaries, often making more a few week season than the men of the village made in a year. When Yoshiyuki began shooting in the late 1920s, there were several hundred ama divers active in the seven harbours of the Iwawada coast… By the late 1960’s this 2000 year old way of life had disappeared. Yoshiyuki’s  images are the most comprehensive document of ama divers ever produced and a stunning visual testament to these fascinating iconic women.”

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