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I’m very pleased to be launching a new Tumblr with the wonderful kateopolis. It’s called “image oscillite” and it will curate a video collection, at a rate of two a day, that I hope will eventually be on par with her superb If we fail to achieve that level of quality, it will undoubtedly be my fault. :) 

We hope you’ll join us.

I’m really excited to partner with the overly gracious and talented ericmortensen on this and hope that you’ll find our content engaging. See you there!

Andrew Sullivan

In my view, heads should roll because this latest attempt at mass murder was clearly preventable if the government had been competent. If they could listen as well as they destroy evidence of war crimes, we might have avoided this. But that doesn’t mean we should give terrorists more credit, more credibility and more power over us than they deserve. Here is one of the smartest things Bill Maher has ever said on the subject, and it’s worth recalling as we go through another mass conniption and as Cheney pulls another stunt in defense of his record of presiding over 9/11 and then trashing the rule of law:

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

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